The curriculum of the Minor consists of five modules and covers 30 ECTS credits in total. All five modules are compulsory: a lecture series on Monday and three block courses, which take place in the fall semester, and an internship.

It is only possible to start the Minor in the fall semester. All modules have to be completed within one year.

The modules take place at the UZH Campus Schlieren where many life science start-ups and companies are based.

Der Minor focuses on overarching questions of translational research and does not include other purely life science subjects, as these are covered in the Major.

The Minor is successfully completed when all five modules have been assessed as having a sufficient grade, or as passed and the findings of the internship have been presented.

The following table shows all modules of the Minor in BioMed Entrepreneurship.

table modules

The compulsory 10-week internship (10 ECTS credits) offers insights into the environment of a venture and can open up further professional opportunities.

It has to be completed after the end of the modules of the fall semester in the following spring. The assessment is based on written weekly progress reports according to a report template and a final report, in which the knowledge learned in the modules is applied. Finally, the findings of the internship are presented orally, either in front of an assessment panel in the spring semester or in front of the next cohort of Minor students in the following fall semester.

Please find more information in the guidelines (PDF, 755 KB).

All courses are listed in the course catalogue.