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Minor in BioMed Entrepreneurship


Find the impressions of the previous students of the Minor in BioMed Entrepreneurship

"The Minor in BioMed Entrepreneurship presents a great opportunity for young scientists and professionals to cultivate their interest for the industry. This program not only provides participants with the chance to develop their own startup project with mentorship from accomplished professionals in the field, but also offers extensive insights into healthcare regulations and practices. BEP modules include pitch training, business knowledge,and a healthcare industry overview, empowering students for future success."
Davide Romanino - Major Molecular and Cellular Biology, UZH

"The BioMed Entrepreneurship program is an amazing opportunity to gain first-hand exposure to the world of business. As a natural science student, I was thrilled to expand my entrepreneurial knowledge through this program. One of the greatest takeaways was the valuable network we built and the enriching internship experience, both of which will undoubtedly prove to be instrumental in my future endeavors in the Biotech/Medtech industry."
Yoel Perez Haas - Major Physics, UZH

"During this Minor, I developed a lot as a person, especially through the pitch training. I was able to broaden my horizon and learn about practical topics that will be useful in my professional life. It was inspiring to meet and connect with people from industry, to learn from their experiences and achievements. The best part was getting to know like-minded people and working on our own projects in a team. I can only recommend choosing this Minor and I am excited to see what the future holds with all the useful knowledge I have gained during this semester."
Sara Kostadinova - Major Chemistry and Business Studies, UZH

"The Minor in BioMed Entrepreneurship really helped me as a scientist to acquaint myself with the language and practices of business. I was able to benefit from the experiences of many young entrepreneurs and expand my network through senior business professionals from different backgrounds. I recommend this Minor to all Master’s students who are ready to take a step out of the academy and enter the industry."
Fabian Graf - Major Biomedicine, UZH

"In this Minor I had learned how to successfully conduct a business in the dynamic world of start-ups. This Minor requires a lot of commitment, but it is all worth at the end!"
Jasleen Singh Badwal - Major Biochemistry, UZH

"It is always important to find a good balance between theory and practice. This Minor absolutely nails it with a lot of interactive sessions in between some theoretical background. It opened up an entirely different field, which will surely be invaluable in the future."
Maximilien Van Holm - Major Chemistry and Business Studies, UZH

"I come from ETH with a theoretical background. Not only did we have interesting discussions with entrepreneurs, but could also develop our personal skills in pitching. What I liked most was gaining hands-on experience and facing real challenges in our own group projects and meeting many like-minded people. This added a real value not only for my master's program but also for my future. Thanks for this personal gain."
Naomi Frommenwiler - Major in Health Science and Technology, ETHZ

"The Minor in BioMed Entrepreneurship gives you very valuable inputs in how to build and grow a successful start-up. You will implement your theoretical knowledge hands-on in a project of your own. Whoever wants to take the path of an entrepreneur, or BioMed industry, this Minor is an indispensable step in ones’ career path."
Denis Morgunovskiy - Major Biochemistry, UZH

"If you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking to find like-minded people in the exciting world of Biotech, Medtech, and Pharma. This Minor program will give you all the tools and guide you to the mindset required to succeed."
Pablo Lugon - Major Biochemistry, UZH

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Statement from BioMed Experts

Mario Jenni - Co-founder and CEO Bio-Technopark Schlieren-Zurich

"I highly appreciate the new study program of the University of Zurich in BioMed Entrepreneurship. It will close the business-related knowledge gap in life sciences and prepare students in entrepreneurship and for industry positions."

Nicola Benz - Attorney at Law, FRORIEP Legal AG

"Every potential entrepreneur should have a basic understanding of the legal aspects of business. An introduction to law will help you to avoid some of the pitfalls of running a business and to make your business idea a success."

Jan Fülscher - President and CEO of Senozon, Start-up expert and ambassador

"I believe that in these very uncertain and volatile times, understanding entrepreneurship is a key asset. Being an entrepreneur is not only a skill; it's a mindset which will help you under any circumstances and wherever you are."

Priska Rüegg - Head Finance & Operation Roche Glycart

"At Roche Innovation Center Zurich, we offer exciting career opportunities, particular in our focus on the development engineered antibodies that address unmet clinical needs. We then have a vivid interest in such innovative programs in biotech."

Dominik Escher - President Swiss Biotech Association, Executive Chairman CDR-Life

"The BioMed Entrepreneurship is a great and very important program to show students the possibility how to start a Biotech company. I am very glad to support this initiative. I hope many new biotech companies will be launched to ultimately help patients with new treatments."

Carole Ackermann - CEO Diamondscull AG

"As a seed investor, I listen to hundreds of pitches each year from entrepreneurs seeking advice or capital. Virtually most of them would be better prepared for the future by attending a program in entrepreneurship. Knowing risks of failure and how-to successfully develop projects will increase your value on the job market."