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Minor in BioMed Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs & Experts

BEP 101 - Pitching sessions and training

BEP 102: BioMed Entrepreneurship - from team to company

Nicola Benz, Attorney at law and Partner at MLL Meyerlustenberger Lachenal Froriep

Dr. François Curtin, CMO/Medical Director for Personalized Health Programmes at ETHZ

Laurent Grandidier, Entrepreneur, Board member, Business angel at various companies, CEO at at Heart medical

Michael Grau, CFO at Kuros Biosciences AG

Anna Hitz, Partner at Indema AG

MSc Karin Huber, Head of Clinical Data Management & Data-driven Research Service, Clinical Trials Center Zurich

Mario Jenni, Co-Founder and CEO at Bio-Technopark Schlieren-Zürich

Dr. Magdalena Lukamowicz-Rajska, Project Manager Monitoring at Clinical Trials Center Zurich

Dr. Holger Müller, Vice President and Head of Europe at Health Advances GmbH, Founder and CEO at Tmmune AG

Nadja Müller, Designer and Founder at Yand Design

Dr. Tina Amini, Medical Device & Combinatory Products Division Director at NDA Group

MSc Silas Bänziger, Faculty of Law, UZH

Dr. Wolfgang Henggeler, Associate Director at Unitectra AG

Pascal Honold, Attorney at law, Partner at Wenger Vieli AG

Dr. Stephanie Krumholz, Founder and CEO at therainnova AG, Startup Coach at Venturelab

Dr. Karim Maizar, Attorney at law, Partner and Head of Startup Desk at Kellerhals Carrard AG

Dunia Schumacher, Independent Drug Regulatory Consultant at Insight Drug Regulatory SARLS

Adrian Sigrist, Managing Director at Unitectra AG

Dario Silberschmidt, Start-up and VC-Attorney, Senior Associate at Kellerhald Carrard AG

Philipp Rogalla von Bieberstein, Data Scientists at PharmaBiome AG

Dr. Jurian Zürcher, Sharp & Gentle GmbH